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Credit Card Processing
MM1 Demo Download
Order Supplies
Pricing and System Spec's
End of Year Procedure

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MM1 Is The Official Software of




Detailed Daily Reports
Detailed Weekly Reports
Custom Invoices
Account review
Account Tax Statements
Account Statements
Contract Sales Remittance
Credit agreement Calculation
Sales Tax Reports
Inventory Lists
Warranty Tool Lists
Mailing Labels
Detailed Account Purchase History

INVOICING with the following features:

Customer and Stop information management
Search for customer by Name, Stop or Account #
Invoices including your business name, Customers name, item number and description
Time, Open, Xtended  Credit, Contract and Cash sales management
Add interest to accounts
Invoice history showing items, notes and payments
Reprint past invoices (current and previous years)
Invoice In Progress for storing quotes
Contract application
99 sales tax areas
Integrated Credit Card Processing
Minimum payment calculation and underpayment tracking

INVENTORY CONTROL with the following features:

Your warehouse* item numbers and prices installed
Access to edit or discount any price
Promotional pricing
Ability to add your own unique item numbers
Back order tracking

Plus! Many more useful features and reports.

:: MM1 is Easy to Use
Mobile Manager software is designed for the computer novice!
The software is straight forward and comes with an easy to follow manual and help screens at your fingertips.


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