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Credit Card Processing
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MM1 Is The Official Software of

Credit Card Processing With MM1

MM1 supports integrated credit card processing for your convenience.  We can process credit cards live if you have an internet connection, or if you don't have an mobile internet connection you can store the transaction until you return to your office.

Recurring Payments

With Recurring Payments you can setup a customer to automatically run his credit card each week for the agreed upon payment.  You still have complete control of the transaction but can give them the freedom of knowing their payment is scheduled if you see them or not. 

Stored Credit Cards

With our integrated software solution you have the option to store the customers credit card.  You can then retrieve the card to charge without having to swipe the card.  NOTE: This feature does not receive the card present rate even if the card was swiped when stored.  The rate will vary and should be used as a convenience.  Your best processing rates are achieved when swiping the card for each transaction.

Holding Transactions to Process  at a Later Date

You have the option to swipe (or retrieve a stored credit card) and hold that transaction to batch at a later date.  This comes in handy when your Tuesday customer doesn't want his card charged until Friday. 

Who is the Processing Company?

Classic Computer Systems has teamed up with Vantiv or Open Edge (Formerly PayPros Payment Processing Systems) in the development of the integrated processing.  Open Edge offers competitive processing rates, great support and customer service.

How Do I Get Started with Integrated Credit Card Processing?

To set up an account with one of the processors simply give us a call and we will forward your ing=formation to the company of choice.